In addition to bringing warmth to our home, rugs add style and personality to any room, be it the bedroom, the living room, the hall (or even the terrace!). That is why, at Imperial Rooms, we want to help you choose the rug with the characteristics that best suit your home. Buying rugs is challenging, as there are numerous types, classes and styles of rugs intended for different uses.

A rug is any fabric made on a loom based on wool, silk, fibre or thread. They have been commonly used to sit on the floor, but they are increasingly used as a decoration for rooms, such as the hall, the living room or the bedroom. Next, we will discuss the best rugs for each room in your home. Keep reading!

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  • Buy rugs to decorate rooms
  • Buy rugs for the bedroom
  • Buy carpets for the hall and/or corridor
  • Buy sheepskin rug faux for the living room or dining room
  • Buy rugs for your children's room
  • How to buy rugs based on size, colour and weave
  • The colour
  • The size
  • The tissue
  • Carpet cleaning and maintenance
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  • vinyl rugs
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Buy rugs to decorate rooms.

Using rugs in the home as a decorative element is an exciting option when dressing the floors of your house. In addition, as they are light in weight, you will be able to move them, rotate them or even change their room whenever you want, thus achieving a quick and very effective visual change. There is no single way to place the rug in our room, nor does it have to have a specific measure. The size of this rug can vary according to our tastes, but we must be careful that it is not too small or too large.

Among the advantages of buying rugs and including them in your daily life is the comfort they offer you when walking on them, and the feeling of warmth, especially when you walk barefoot. They are also perfect for children's rooms since they always tend to play on the floor. It will always be better to provide a warm, comfortable and comfortable play space than a cold and hard one.

Another advantage offered by rugs is to delimit spaces if you have open rooms. You can place it next to the sofas and the coffee table to mark the living room area, under the dining table, in the entrance next to the hall, etc.

Buy rugs for the bedroom.

When we think of home and warmth, we think of our bedroom. That is why one of the rooms where the resource of carpets is most used as decoration is the bedroom. For this, you can buy a large grey rug for living room at the foot of the bed, so it sticks out at the ends. Or, you can buy two smaller rugs and place them on each side of the bed. This will prevent the first contact of the feet with the ground from being cold and uncomfortable.

A rug of this style will give a touch of distinction to your decoration due to its neutral tones, which do not go unnoticed thanks to its geometric shapes.

If your decoration is in a Nordic style or your room is ornate, and you are looking for something plain with softer colours, we recommend grey and beige tones such as this Clubby Rug, available in various finishes. In our online store, you can find fluffy rugs of different materials.

Buy carpets for the hall and/or corridor.

The hall or hallway area of ​​your home will be the first impression people take from your home when they enter it. For this reason, it is equally important to take care of the image of this space. Buying rugs for halls will create a more welcoming room that invites you to enter it. Taking into account the measurements of your hall or hallway, you can give life to these passageways by including rugs that match the decoration of your furniture. Do not leave aside the colourful rugs; these spaces are ideal for contrasting the floor and the rug.

Buy rugs for the living room or dining room.

In this case, the rugs are the ideal object for dividing the spaces in the same room. Adapt the rug size to the space you want to delimit without needing to cover the entire space without criteria.

Certain aspects must also be considered if you are looking for a rug for the living room. The first thing is which area of ​​the room you want to place it in. If you want to put it as the base of the dining table and chairs, you will have to consider not only the space that these pieces of furniture occupy without moving but also their normal movement. The rug must allow someone to move and sit on it. Also, the rug should follow the same shape as the table. Therefore, if the table is round, the rug should be round.

It is also important that the rug is partially attached to the wall, as we risk the space looking cramped and full of things. Ideally, there should be a gap of at least 18 inches between the edge of the rug and the wall.

Buy rugs for your children's room.

As we have mentioned before, children tend to play sitting on the floor since they are small. For this reason, you must include a good large cream rug with beautiful and colourful patterns so they can play in a quiet space without getting hurt.

The ideal for children's rooms will be vinyl rugs. These rugs are made from a combination of interwoven polypropylene or PVC fibres on a non-slip rubber base. This makes this type of rug highly resistant and malleable. They are off-road mats for all kinds of uses. In addition, they are recyclable, resistant to abrasion, and very light. The Geometric 2 rug will be perfect for this space.

How to buy rugs based on size, colour and weave

Before deciding on one or another rug, it is essential to know where you will place it and how you will use it, especially when choosing the fabric, size, pattern and colours.

 The colour

When buying rugs, you must consider the style and colour of the furniture. You already have to choose a rug according to them. Also, please take a good look at the lighting of the place where you are going to place it because depending on it, the appearance it gives to the room can vary.

Choose light tones or colours for places with little lighting since light colours provide a feeling of spaciousness and bring more light to environments without it. On the contrary, darker colours cause a more collected and cosy, more intimate effect.

Before opting for one colour or another, also think about where in the house it will be placed: add only a little colour to a rug that will remain in the bedroom. It would be best if you looked for a relaxing tone. Another thing to remember is if you have animals at home since if you choose a rug that is too light or white, it will stop having this colour in a few days.

The size

Its size is even more important than the colour you choose for your rug. Before placing it, carefully measure the space available for it, and you can even delimit it fictiously with masking tape, for example. This way, you can get an idea of ​​how it will look once you place it on the ground. Below we leave you an example of distribution, where you can see how we should place a carpet in our living room and how we should not do it.

Also, remember not to place them near the doors so that they do not hinder the entrance to any of the rooms in your home. And finally, as we have mentioned before, leave a space between the walls and the carpet so that there is a certain distance and they are not stuck to the wall.

The tissue

Among the most used materials in the manufacture of rugs is wool. It is a very resistant material and also acts as an insulator. Wool rugs are incredibly soft, which is why it is one of the most desired fabrics.

Cotton is another of the most used materials since buying cotton rugs is always cheaper than wool and easier to clean. The vinyl rugs we mentioned before are also widely used for rooms where we need an "off-road" rug.

Other very fashionable rugs are those made of natural fibres, above all because they are environmentally friendly materials, cheap and also combine very well with any decoration. These materials are less insulating than the previous ones can be, so we recommend not locating them in places where they can absorb moisture.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Buying rugs can bring us many advantages, but also some inconvenience. Among these inconveniences, without a doubt, is the task of cleaning. Here are some tricks that will help you keep your rugs in perfect condition for much longer:

If any liquid is spilt, quickly grab a piece of paper or an absorbent cloth, and blot the stain as soon as possible. Doing this will prevent the stain from setting on the surface.

Do not shake the rug, and you will damage the texture and finish of the fabric.

When you store them, ensure they are well protected from dust and dirt.

To dry your rug, once you have wiped it with a damp cloth, dry it with a towel or with your hair dryer.

At the Imperial Rooms online furniture store, we have a large selection of rugs of different styles, colours, fabrics and sizes. Access our website and get yours!

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